The Process

Clients should contact Conservator Lloy Osburn to arrange a time to meet at the Artful Restorations studio or photos may also be emailed.

Note: Lloy is pronounced like “Lloyd” but with no “d” on the end.

Items are examined, their condition discussed and the treatment (repair/ conservation) of the item outlined. There is no charge for a verbal estimate however, if the item is complex or the client requests a written assessment, a Condition Report and Treatment Proposal compiled. This report will include:

  • A description of the item (its material composition, size and use)
  • A description of the items condition (i.e. fading, damage, loss, etc.)
  • An outline of the steps required to restore (treat) the item
  • An estimate of the time required to carry out the restoration/treatment
  • The estimated cost of the restoration/treatment
  • A description of the expected outcome

There is a charge for preparation of a written report. It is based on an hourly rate of $75 per hour. The shop rate for repair/treatment is $75 per hour.

Permission to proceed is received from the client. It may be written or by email.

A deposit of 50% of the estimated cost is required before any repair/treatment is begun.

Work will usually be carried out at the Artful Restoration studio unless alternate arrangements are made.

If needed, arrangements can be made to transport item(s) to the studio. There is a charge for pickup/delivery based on the distance traveled.

Items are insured during transport and while they are in the studio.

The client will be notified if any unforeseen problems come up which will lengthen the time required for repair/treatment.

Clients are contacted when the repair/treatment has been completed.

If written documentation has been requested, a Treatment Report is compiled outlining:

  • The steps that were taken during repair/treatment
  • The materials used for the repair/treatment
  • The actual length of time that the repair/treatment took
  • Any recommendations (housing, storage, etc.) that will provide protection for the item and prevent future deterioration.

A time for pickup (or delivery) is arranged.

The completed repair/treatment will be discussed with the client. Clients will be asked to sign the completed Treatment Report indicating that they were satisfied with the end result.

The balance of payment is made.

Note: During repairs/treatments, the least invasive methods possible are used and all materials used are acid free.

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